1. Az Urban Times-on olvasható az a kis összefoglaló, ami James Cameron Mariana-árokbeli merüléséről szól.

    Az Urban Times-on olvasható az a kis összefoglaló, ami James Cameron Mariana-árokbeli merüléséről szól.

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  3. A Digitális Kultúra és Elméletek Kutatócsoport szervezésében tartott előadásom angol nyelvű összefoglalója jelent meg cikk formájában az Urban Times-nál. (katt a képre)

     It seems that your browsing experience is a totally controllable activity – at least if you’re a naive user. Youshould know by now that your online presence might be tracked by some giant companies which drew the attention of founder of MoveOn.org, Eli Pariser, who has observed some crucial points in surfing the Web. In his book, The Filter Bubble: What the Internet Is Hiding From You, he observed that our searching results are based on previous searches, that is the Web shows relevant all the relevant information it thinks we need. The personalized search results are displayed solely because of different algorithms are at work. Pariser explains that we are all living in ’filter bubbles’, which effectively help us choose what kind of information we need. This might sound promising, but Pariser rather talks about the adverse effect of these personalized Web.

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    If you happened to be in Paris, don’t forget to get an invitation to Club Silencio, a bar that was designed by the cult auteur director, David Lynch with the assistance of Raphael Navot and which is open for the public after midnight more….

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    Anyone who has watched Arcade Fire perform live should consider themselves lucky. This June they had their summer gig in Hyde Park in London amongst bands such as Mumford & SonsBeirut and The Vaccines. Needless to say there was not a single space for us to move;  it seemed that the fans knew they had attended a sold-out concert, being Arcade Fire’s biggest UK show to date. Not only was the band enthusiastic and energetic but they also provided great music to that summer evening. One could experience thousands of people singing  ’Wake Up’ or the craziness of ’Month of May’ and, finally, how powerful artists Arcade Fire can be.

    Why else are they cool? Well, it seems that the band’s creativity exceeds the stage: a year ago they started a project with Google’s Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin to create their third interactive music video, The Wilderness Downtown.


  7. Murakami könyvéhez egy kis kedvcsináló: 

    Haruki Murakami‘s latest novel, ‘1Q84‘ is a ‘global event in itself’ according to Guardian’s Douglas Haddow. As my copy is being shipped to my address, there are the lucky ones who are currently reading their own copies. Haddow quotes Tim Adams,who positions Murakami a ‘cult figure’ who ‘has entered the dangerous world of literary phenomenon’, which is true as the Japanese auteur is clearly an influential writer of our times. Nicholas Blincoe wrote in a 2005 Telegraph article that;

    Murakami launched his site to become a ‘literary sensai’ for his fans and his site also enables fans from worldwide to indulge themselves with the treats of ‘Murakami-universe’, including a list of songs that appear in his books, art or even online resources of articles

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